Dream Night Prom 2011 Pictures

Icing on the Cake-For Sure

The Marvelous Mad Hatter Cake

Thanks Renee and NGA

Terry's & Linus's teapot

Rosalie and Pistor Middle School-fabulous creations

Tucson High-Thanks for your generous help with the theme

Cholla Magnet High School-Always helpful to the end

Luisa's lovely teapots

Pistor's artwork

Tucson High-Thank you

Mayfield Florist, adding beauty to everything!
Amy, Christel, Emily Thanks for keeping registration in order

Sephra chocolate is the best!

Fun is the goal

Thanks to our volunteers

Siblings always welcome to join the fun

A Tailor Tuxedo & Bridal Shop provide class to Dream Night Prom

Thank you to our donors!

Luisa-you make it happen every year!

Attendees celebrating life

Panda Cares-Panda Express-best food in Tucson

Tio DJ Felix for great dancing

No party without the Mad Hatter

and Queen of Hearts

You make Dream Night Prom possible

Katie Fisher for best Make Up Artist

Alice helps make dreams come true

Tweedledum and TweeddleDee

Dream Night Prom 2011- What Fun!

Crowns of Gold are what you deserve

Sahuaro High School Thanks!

The YWCA is a great venue. Thanks Jeanette,

Go Lizzie!

Let's Party til 2012