Monthly Support Events
Monthly gatherings/parties are held to offer a fun and festive way to meet families and celebrate life with those who understand. Our meetings always offer a meal, child-friendly activities, and a chance for parents to talk with each other.

Candlelighters has offered an annual Weekend Family Retreat every year since 1985.

Candlelighters publishes a family newsletter that includes information about Candlelighters activities. Families are encouraged to contribute information, personal experiences, poems, etc.

Educational Support
We distribute free books provided by our national office. We provide referrals to helping agencies. Candlelighters offers periodic workshops on issues of importance to our families, such as:
Educating the Child with Cancer
Parenting the Child with Cancer
Financial Survival After a Diagnosis
Sibling Issues and Needs Workshop

Candlelighters Youth Council
Events for teens ensure they find companionship and support from others walking a similar path. The main event of the year is the Dream Night Prom, with donated gowns and tuxedos, portrait photograph, DJ, etc. Other teen events include bowling parties, working with ceramics, movie nights, etc.

Emergency Assistance
After a child is diagnosed and the course of treatment begins, often the result is long hospital stays for the child and missed workdays for one or both parents. Loss of work time, plus the costs of health care, frequently causes families financial distress. In these instances, Candlelighters helps lessen medical crisis burdens by helping families access resources to pay for living expenses such as rent or mortgage, utilities and even food.